Berlin-based artist and producer Melvin Hein wanders in between the realms of Alternative and Indie music whilst still acknowledging his deeply rooted admiration for pure Pop. At the the age of thirteen he started to pick up the guitar and began to write his very first songs. Heavily influenced by some of his songwriting idols, he felt it was necessary to deliver a story within the lyrics and build up a whole world around a song .
Only two years afterwards he got into music production which was a major step into the right direction and made him execute his vision of showing everybody else how said world of a song sounded and felt like to him. Within the next couple of years he released his first EP while he also started working on other people’s music.
Just last year he put out his themed debut album which focuses on the struggles of growing up, getting to know yourself and dealing with your mental health. The project had been in the making for about five years and transmits the journey that those years have brought with them within its lyrics and story.

Melvin Hein starts the new decade with working on his sophomore album which deals with a lot more light-hearted themes and is majorly influenced by his love for Pop music icons whilst simultaneously being a producer for other people’s projects and making their music come to life.